The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions – Seven Friday

Seven Friday is one of those brands that live and breath their DNA. From the founders, the team, to their ambassadors, everyone is Seven Friday.

I have to say I have a bit of crush for Seven Friday. Because not only is the design completely out there, which I love; but the thing that tickles my fancy the most is the way they are. Authentic, unapologetic with a “take or leave it” kind of attitude.

After a long career in the luxury industry; Dan Niederer decided to ditch the corporate world to embrace a more personal project; and that’s how Seven Friday began.


Having worked in the watch industry and with the network to help lift his idea off the ground, Dan, along with co-founder and designer Arnaud Duval, started work on creating Seven Friday – industrial inspired designs with craftsmanship and intricate detailing at its heart, starting with watches.

From a communication standpoint, Seven Friday has, in my opinion, ticked all the boxes. So for this Couch Session, I took the time to pick Dan’s brain. We went over some of the communication activities that make Seven Friday standout from the crowd.

  • True to their DNA: They have established but also kept true to their mission. So everything they do is governed by those guidelines.
  • Embracing digital: They’ve also been one of the first luxury brands to completely embrace digital. Building a successful community online that overflew offline.
  • Modernizing concepts: Seven Friday has “spaces” – it’s a boutique/bar/hangout; with this modern concept, they’ve reinvented the way consumers approach watch brands and redefined the traditional luxury experience.
  • Out of the box” collabs: whether it’s with a motorcycle customization shop in Biarritz, or with street artists from Zurich; the brand keeps on offering cool ways to show off their products with authentic partnerships “that make sense”.

Thanks so much to Dan for sharing his passion and for an incredible insight into the inner workings of the Seven Friday Communication department.

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The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions – Jonathan Kopp

Jonathan Kopp is an avid watch aficionado, from vintage pieces to modern luxury haute horology. His preference leans towards small and independent high-end watchmakers. He loves the difference rather than classicism, although he admits being in love with several ultra-classic pieces. Jonathan caught the watchmaking bug when he was 14 years old and shortly after, he took his first professional steps into the industry. 

He first started his career working alongside many brands on financial and strategical development. Then, he decided to share his passion with the world using social media and writing articles for many publications. Five years ago he created Watchisthis?! Magazine – A Magazine about watches priced under €2500, while continuing to contribute for many trade and lifestyle magazines today.

He also works with young brands (mostly micro and indies) as a Communication/Marketing/PR Consultant. His well-rounded know-how allows him to work every angle of a watch brand, whether it is from a online of offline perspective.

During this session, we talked about different topics from the thundering news about Baselworld and the current state of the industry. It was also an insightful conversation about the future of watchmaking through a PR and communications point of view.

Are you a brand, a journalist, a collector, or simply a watch aficionado?  
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The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions – Sofia Hoffmann

Sofia Hoffmann and I met over 24 years ago, and I always remember her back then with a guitar in her hand. Music was always a big part of her life and it’s incredible to see that after so many years of doing it for fun, she’s now doing it professionally.

Aside from being a successful international project manager, which she now continues to be part-time, Sofia Hoffmann devotes most of her time to music. She’s a singer and songwriter, influenced by her love for jazz but also by Indian sounds which have made their way into some of the songs on her first album called One Soul.

She’s also the co-founder of The Music Stylist, a company that customizes music for brands, stores, events and much more. Each soundtrack is entirely tailored to match the personality of their client and the results are breathtaking.

Throughout this Couch Session, we continued our discussion about Luxury Experience and how companies like the Music Stylist can make a difference with such a personalized service.

Thank you to Sofia who so kindly accepted to be part of these sessions, and share with us her passion for music and luxury.

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The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions – Jason Saundalkar

The passion a watch enthusiast shares tends to bring us together in the most of uncomplicated and genuine ways. Jason and I met at a virtual gathering hosted by the Dead Seconds Society during which our guest Barbara Palumbo shared her insights on the industry.

Jason has been living in Dubai for over 35 years, he’s a content and event producer by day and a watch collector/ photography enthusiast by night. One of his favorite brands is Omega but his kryptonite is one of the most outrageous of independents, MB&F.

He enjoyed my IG lives, and I enjoyed his cool IG wrist shots. So of course, I had to invite him on for a first of many series dedicated to the importance of the luxury experience.

Luxury experience is one of the main pillars of every luxury brand. Each have a different perception of the concept but all acknowledge its importance and design their customer experiences around it. Whether it is online, in-store, during an event, the experience must reflect luxury and the brand’s DNA. During this session, Jason and I discussed what exactly does luxury mean and how important it really is to the eyes of a collector. We also discussed the unbelievable news regarding Baselworld 2020 and shared our top choices from the Watches & Wonders launches.

Thank you Jason for sharing your passion with us. You’re welcome back anytime!


Are you a brand, a journalist, a collector, or simply a watch lover?  
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Time for us to pause


No watch brand was ready to face this microscopic enemy that took the world for ransom and made it stand still for an entire month. Weakening global communities and economies alike.


But this tiny invader has given us time. Time to think, to assess and to reevaluate not only strategies, goals but to prepare for an uncertain future as well.


It all comes down to what has been created and done during this isolation period, that will shape the way everyone will tackle the future months ahead.

This has certainly been a learning period for many, but for most it has been a contemplative moment. We were able to appreciate what we have, our families, our friends, cherish our “normal” way of life and be thankful for the wonderful opportunities given to us.

But it was also a time to reflect on a professional level. Reflect upon the choices that led everyone here today. And then, there are the ones that will be made in the near future. These will definitely be the most important ones, that will prepare brands for what’s to come, whatever that may be.


  • Create. Not only to think outside the box but to go further and actually imagine there’s no box at all.
  • Look outward to inspire inward. It’s been amazing to see some of the smaller watch brands being so creative. Seven Friday, for example, who did live sessions on instagram before all others. Some of these brands have been doing an amazing job at keeping engagement high and creating relevant content for their followers, thus continuing to build their community. They have definitely inspired us in many ways. To set aside fear and dive into something new and exciting.
  • Refresh existing models. With Watches & Wonders and Baselworld cancelled, watch brands needed a brand new idea. Breitling just reinvented the way they presented their yearly novelties. With its virtual summit, Breitling invited journalists from across the world to log in on April 16th and introduced their newest models, through an online presentation.


Even though the future is bleak and we still don’t know what will happen, brands have certainly surprised us. So move forward we shall, and we cannot wait to see what other positive outcomes, the COVID-19 crisis will have allowed to be concocted during this quarantine period.