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4 Steps into Public Relations

How active have you been with your PR activities during the pandemic? Whether you’ve taken on the role yourself, reduced the team or suspended the activities altogether, then these 4 steps into Public Relations are for you.


Public Relations is considering one of the pillars of a marketing strategy. The original goal of Public Relations was to build and maintain a positive public image for a company or organization. With the arrival of internet and social media however, this definition has evolved from a one-way speech to a two-way conversation between brand and audience; where terms like “engaging”, “community” and “relationship building” have become crucial components to every PR plan.

To help you get started, I’m happy to share with you these 4 steps into our world that will make your PR life easier.



A PR greatest tool is his or her network of connections. The little black book of any PR will have contacts working within brands or media, he or she will be in touch with influencers, opinion-leaders, industry experts or collectors. This precious list will be your lifeline when taking your first steps into the PR world. So start reaching out to your community, create relationships and foster them thoughtfully.


Connect with your audience (whoever it might be, press, influencers, maybe brands, or all of them) by offering relevant content that will reach them not only professionally but emotionally as well. Never underestimate the power of an emotional connection. Tell your brand story or present a new product launch using all the tools at your disposal: videos, text and images. If you’re creative get busy, if you’re not, reach out to someone who is to do it for you. My little secret. Canva. I use it constantly, this app has saved me time and money and allows me to be as creative as I want.


Consistency is key here. Put your OCD to good use and plan ahead. Draft out your calendar with all your content management and activities. This will help you have a global view of what to publish or do, when and how. Continuously engage your audience with the right material and you’ll see your network grow organically.


Don’t limit yourself to online activities, such as social media posting or website blogging. But get out there and organize meetings, events, luncheons, press presentations etc. In today’s world, the pandemic forced some restrictions on this type of activity, but according to what level of lockdown you find yourself in, there are always ways to create highly engaging online and offline activities which still promote a safe environment, such as private meetings, small lunches, coffee invitations, as well as zoom calls, live sessions, and others. These last two provide a more personal approach to the otherwise very distant online exercises.

Using PR as part of your marketing strategy will elevate your brand, increase its visibility and promote its credibility. By growing your network, creating relevant content, engaging with your audience and broadening your online and offline activities, your PR plan can start being an active asset of your sales strategy.

Should you need a little more assistance with your PR activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Announcing a new partnership

Relações Públicas Brasil

We are so excited to announce that we have a new partner in Brazil!

Approach Comunicação is a leading and award-winning agency in the country and most recognized for its work with brands like Rock in Rio, Lufthansa and Pepsico.

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, Approach has learned to adapt to the change of time. Thus, being always attentive to deliver the best to each client, developing content and communication projects in a strategic way. And using tactics that can involve everything from the press office to design, audiovisual, digital, advertising and public relations.

The agency wants to be better every day, with people and with the planet. They are ethical by nature and so inspire the Brazilian market to follow this path. As we share the same values and mission, this partnership came together very organically. This new collaboration will give both agencies the opportunity to exchange ideas and grow in both countries and internationally as well.

Our goal is to collaborate on different international projects; in Brazil, USA and Europe. As we merge Sparkling PR’s luxury expertise; and Approach’s know-how in segments such as real estate, finance, FMCG and others.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your brand with its PR & Communication activities in Brazil.

Relações Públicas Brasil

The Couch Sessions

Pushing the Boundaries with Christophe Claret

It was such a pleasure to welcome the independent watch brand, Christophe Claret for this new episode of The Couch Sessions. And I have to say my nerves got the best of me, this time.

Christophe Claret has been one of my favorite brands for a very long time; and I had the pleasure of meeting Christophe during the GPHG dinner, in 2014. That same year, the Margot was awarded the GPHG Ladies’ High-Mech Watch prize, so it was a humbling experience, to be sitting across from the recipient of this award; especially for someone who appreciates high complicated watches for women, as much as I do. Christophe is quiet and reserved but if you get him talking about watches, his passion seeps through and he wins you over with his contagious enthusiasm and his technical knowledge. His thirst for invention makes him one of the most recognizable names in contemporary watchmaking; and his never-ending imagination results in original, creative, high technical timepieces.

“No limits” that’s exactly why he said when I asked him what inspires him. He pushes his imagination to the brink of technical insanity with each watch launch and keeps his clients on edge, itching for the next model.

From the incredibly complex Margot, to the clever inventiveness of the Poker and the technical folly of the Extreme1; Christophe Claret keeps challenging himself and pushing those boundaries even further.

Thank you Christophe for accepting our invitation, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next!


Four brands to follow

From leather goods to art, jewelry and watches; I love browsing online for new favorites among luxury brands. It’s always very exciting to come across a new “coup de coeur”. So, for this article I’ve gathered 3 brands and one artist for you, that I’ve been closely following lately and have become my favorites.

Greubel Forsey is part of those brands that I’ve admired for a long time. Their passion for watchmaking comes through every new model they launch. Desire to keep pushing those boundaries always further. Mastery of technical achievements linked directly with their never-ending search for excellence are some of the reasons why this brand is at the top of my list.

Longchamp has long been one of my favorite brands. Especially ever since they revamped their products, their branding and overall image; I’ve become completely fascinated and addicted to it. More so nowadays with their commitment to a more conscious environment, which hits home for me. Longchamp has changed many of its activities in order to limit their impact on deforestation, to ensure proper leather provenance, to implement a no-fur policy, to legitimize their tanning procedures, and to reduce waste.

Antoine Rose is one of the artist’s I most enjoy at the moment. I became familiar with his work while working with our client Bel-Air Fine Art. His photographic vision and composition details are extraordinary, and I feel that this is an artist you would never get bored of having in your home. His photographs are filled with details that would take you a lifetime to decipher.

Akillis is a brand I started working with this year, and I love what it stands for. A true reflection of its designer’s personality Caroline Gaspard; irreverent, bold and intrepid. Akillis is a brand in complete ascension with an authentic rock n’ roll attitude.



The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon had only one chapter. Today, Greubel Forsey reveals an 11 piece edition of this groundbreaking timepiece; in titanium. New materials, new colors and new finishes launch this revolutionary and modern limited edition towards unexplored horizons. The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon is an horological breakthrough designed to average out positional errors due to gravity in all situations; especially in stable wristwatch positions.


The Maison Longchamp launched an exciting new campaign featuring the Roseau. This mini top handle bag plays with volumes. With its removable strap, it can be carried in various different ways; by hand for a fashionable and confident look, or across the body for a more casual style. This “Très Paris” campaign goes beyond the traditional framework to play with clichés on the City of Light. The brand wanted to show an authentic Paris in this exercise of cinematoscope style, imbued with boldness and charm.


Antoine Rose started working on his “up in the air” series in 2002; while shooting the kitesurfing world cup in Rio de Janeiro. Being a perfectionist, he dedicated a couple of years on refining his ideas. The latest images of the series, were shot around the Hamptons shorelines and have recently been featured at the photo fever art fair in Brussels, Belgium and at the 2012 fall edition of the affordable art fair in New York, receiving a very warm welcome from the audience.
< Casual meeting, Hamptons, 2012


Jean-Claude Jitrois, the stretch-leather specialist and longtime friend has joined forces with Caroline Gaspard; the creator of AKILLIS jewelry. To design a capsule collection inspired by her recent Tattoo jewelry line. The creativity of Caroline Gaspard combines with the savoir-faire and signature pieces of the Maison Jitrois. She re-interprets these ethnic motifs through the clever use of embroidered stretch-leather meshwork.

The Couch Sessions

The Art of Storytelling with Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso


As it is now custom with our Couch Sessions, we welcome interesting guests with different stories to tell. Whether we invite a brand or a journalist, they all have a path they’ve been so kind to share with us and our viewers.

For this session, we wanted to share a gift with our followers, and invite Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso. A master storyteller who shared her own story and gave some insight on the importance of storytelling for either small and/or more established brands.

Gaëlle worked in the communications department of different brands for many years. And after a while, she decided to set sail on her own and create her business. In the past, brands tasked Gaëlle to write press releases, manifestos, CEOs interviews, and many more.

Gaëlle and I met while working for the jewelry brand de GRISOGONO; where storytelling was not only part of our daily work, it was embedded in the brand’s DNA. As a PR, there is nothing more valuable than to have a story to share with your journalists, editors, celebrities and others. And everyone within the organization, lived and breathed this story and recounted it millions of times to anyone outside of the company.


Having a story to tell is very important and it’s a key contributing factor to the success of a brand. But to write a good story is not an easy feat. It requires skill, creativity and artistry.

During this talk, Gaëlle shared a few of her secrets on how to start building a story, how to make it a memorable one, and how to make it stand above all others.

Thank you Gaëlle for accepting our invitation; and for a fascinating discussion on the relevance of storytelling.

To learn more about Gaëlle, visit her website or contact us.