Meet our client – Empower Sports

sports agency

Empower Sports is a Sports Communication Agency
created by Pedro Pinto in 2018.

Empower works with athletes, coaches, sports executives and clubs to promote their image, protect their reputation and monetize their brand.

Pedro Pinto, the company founder and CEO has over 20 years experience in media, communications and sport. He spent more than a decade with CNN International as a sports presenter, reporter and executive producer. Pedro then held the position of UEFA Communications Director for a four year tenure, leading the press office, editorial and digital content and corporate communications.

Empower Sports is based in Lisbon but operates at a worldwide level, and currently manages an impressive portfolio of high profile Portuguese football players and coaches, such as Nani, Paulo Fonseca and Cédric Soares.


Luxury brands have always been interested in partnering up with sports in general. At first, brands approached more elitist sports; but as time went by, they understood the power of popular sports such as rugby, the NBA and even football. Nowadays, these collaborations have become a mainstream practice.

Empower Sports reached out to Sparkling PR so we could consult, develop and manage partnerships between their clients and luxury brands worldwide.

“For those who know me, understand that football is a family affair. One of my first memories is seeing my father play at the glorious Benfica stadium, so this collaboration with Pedro was a natural match and I’m very excited to start working on finding brands that are a perfect fit for each of these incredible football icons”
Marina Coelho, Founder of Sparkling PR


Meet our client – Chic Every Weather

Chic Every Weather is a fashion app serving as a personal assistant where the user can shop curated looks from the most iconic brands.

Chic was launched in 2018 by Joana Branco, a fashionista at heart and her husband João, a talented designer. Joana understands the struggle of everyday women who want to dress to impress, or just find the perfect look for that special occasion.

Chic offers thousands of look combinations from premium and luxury brands, making it easy to choose the preferred style with a simple click of the refresh button. The user not only gets inspired by the looks but can also purchase them straight from the retailer’s website.

fashion app

From the early stages, Joana had a very clear idea of what she wanted her app to do and look like. The result was a sleek, elegant and fashion-forward design, so easy and fun to use, it can become addictive. But Joana also wanted to incorporate a social responsibility component which is very dear to her and so through occasional partnerships, Chic Every Weather is able to share awareness on some of Joana’s most treasured causes. Most recently, she used her platform to inspire donations to help with the Australian Wildfires crisis.

The fashion app Chic Every Weather is based in Lisbon, Portugal and currently collaborates with brands like Farfetch, Gravithin, Josefinas and Omnia.


Joana enlisted Sparkling PR’s communication consulting services and as such, we will be consulting in international Business Development, PR and Digital activities.

“From the moment I met Joana, I knew that we would be a great match. Her love for fashion and her devotion to helping people is what we thrive to work with at Sparkling PR.”
Marina Coelho, founder of Sparkling PR


Meet our client – Dynalux

in-store traffic analysis

Our new client DynaLux is a data collection and in-store traffic analysis solution that offers luxury brands and retailers genuine insights into the audience that actually visits the physical retail stores.


Dynalux’s mission is to revolutionize the in-store traffic analysis market the same way Google Analytics and other online analytical tools have allowed e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Net-a-Porter or Farfetch to better understand the trends and profiles of their respective audiences.

It’s true that these platforms have the ability to capture data and analyze in detail the visits trends (with or without a transaction and with or without a log-in). By going beyond the simple demographic-related analysis, they are able to obtain trends and shopping behaviors, which in turn allows them to have a better vision, choose the best marketing and sales actions, improving user’s experiences and ultimately, increasing their sales.

In the case of physical luxury boutiques, there are currently some solutions available to analyze traffic, however, such automated tools only scratch the surface. A qualitative in-depth analysis of traffic (regardless of conversion) isn’t available at all. Knowing that for every 100 visits to a luxury boutique, 15% to 25% of customers wish to and/or carry out a transaction or at least leave their details to be contacted in the future; the remainder are not being considered at all, in any way, shape or form. Of course, the staff will have a general idea of the visitors who visit their boutique. And so, with the type of data captured and analyzed by DynaLux, rather than relying only on historical sales to make projections, brands and retailers can now track a wealth of information, including the root causes behind the non-converted visitors.

DynaLux intends to go beyond this analysis and offer a detailed view of each visit, thus explaining each unfinished sale, which will allow its user to take immediate action to counteract this situation.


Dynalux is currently based in Dubai and is already working with major luxury brands such as IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Officine Panerai, Zadig & Voltaire, Paul Smith and Balenciaga, among others.

They now wish to work the European market and have chosen Sparkling PR to be their local partner to develop their business activity in Switzerland, Portugal and Spain.

“I’m so excited to partner up with Omar Chaoui, founder of Dynalux. I’ve known Omar for more than 5 years and it’s always a pleasure to work with colleagues again. He has over 20 years experience in the luxury industry and has a great understanding of the retail needs of brands and retailers alike.
Marina Coelho, founder of Sparkling PR


Collaboration with the Dead Seconds Society

Defending the values of Fine Watchmaking!

Imagine a community of Watch Collectors that gathers at a non-disclosed, secret location on the last Friday of each month with the sole purpose of sharing and elevating their particular passion: 

Unconditional love for Horology and Fine Watchmaking!

The intense activity that follows generates lively discussions that are then passed on to private channels and is finally reflected on the communities public Instagram and website communication channels where in-depth articles and analysis of selected watches and watchmakers are published with the direct contribution of an elite of Society Members. This is the place where the Dead Seconds Society approaches watches and Watchmaking on a collectors perspective rather than just a buyers approach.

Watch Collectors

That community is now a palpable reality having been established in December 2017, when their members gathered for the very first time in Lisbon. The group of aficionados took upon the name of “Dead Seconds Society”, a hybrid designation inspired by the poetic eloquence of the late Robin Williams in the movie “Dead Poets Society”, and the Dead Seconds complication present in some rare horological masterpieces.

Since its inception, the Society’s vision was to become an integral part of the collector and watch lovers community. To become one of them, cater to their needs and not just be a purveyor of the canned information so many communication channels propose without distinction of content or chronological discrepancy. In short, to defend the real values of traditional Fine Watchmaking!

That mission has been fully accomplished, and the Dead Seconds Society is today an invitation-only community. Over these last two years, the Society has become the visible face of a fast-growing group of seasoned collectors, buyers, scholars and watch lovers. For its Founding Members, authentic Watchmaking, the science of horology and the art of collecting is an obsession. But it’s also a way of life and a passion the Society shares with like-minded people that become part of this very special community.

As a collector’s community aiming to defend the values of traditional Haute Horlogerie, the Society prefers the real thing and is keen on initiating its younger or less knowledgeable Members on the Art and Science of Watchmaking. Reflecting that philosophy, the Society has appropriated itself on the Latin family motto of one of the greatest watch collectors of the 20th century: 

“Esse Quam Videre”

“To be rather than to seem” impeccably translates the Societies approach to the passion all of its members share. Because in the end, it’s all about the people and their stories, friendship and their shared unconditional love for authentic Fine Watchmaking.

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Meet our client – NOL Jewellers

Sparkling PR is pleased to welcome one more client, NOL Jewellers. A Portuguese jewelry brand founded by Luísa Bernardes and Nuno Pestana. A couple in love with jewelry for over 20 years.

The collections of NOL Jewellers are inspired by the numerous travels of Luísa and Nuno, by the different cultures, landscapes and materials coming from distant lands. The two designers combine their creativity with multiple techniques to create completely original pieces.

Sparkling PR will collaborate with NOL Jewellers in the elaboration of their communication strategy, with content creation, with press and public relations, as well as the organization of events.

We are very excited to start working with Luisa and Nuno.

Click here to discover more about NOL Jewellers.