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Sparkling PR’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to curate the most enticing items for your shopping pages this holiday season? Sparkling PR has curated an exclusive guide from our clients’ most distinctive collections for those who cherish the interest in timepieces.


We will be happy to provide additional details, high-resolution images, and captivating stories about each watch and their collections, making your shopping pages stand out this holiday season.

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Maurice de Mauriac x L1 Red Lightning

Let us introduce you to the Maurice de Mauriac L1 Red Lightning, a timepiece that fuses provocative disruption and audacity, offering a unique and exciting experience in contemporary watchmaking. Where art, music and design converge. It is the next surprising addition to the iconic L series.


The L1 is loved for the purity of its style, which was consistently continued in the L2 and L3. It was the Swiss musician and singer Crimer who gave the impetus to produce the L1 with red glass. Massimo, Leonard and Masha Dreifuss, children and successors of the late founder Daniel Dreifuss, turned his dream watch into reality.

Designed by Swiss visionary Fabian Schwärzler, the L1 Red Lightning combines the purity of the L1 design with the boldness of a red watch glass. This fusion may seem unexpected. It is an embodiment of Maurice de Mauriac’s spirit – challenging traditions and creating extraordinary experiences. Fabian says: “I am very proud of this work”. The red watch glasses of the L-series are a tribute to Daniel Dreifuss’ love for color and allow his boldness to live on these watches.

Very clearly aware of time and its reality, wearers always allow themselves a creative extra mile.

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Scientigraf Chrono: The chronograph version

Since 1961, the year that marked the birth of Scientigraf, a watch conceived specifically to respond to the the multiplication of electrical appliances and their magnetic fields. Scientigraf is now available in a chronograph version: Scientigraf Chrono.

At a time where devices have become an integral part of everyday life, Scientigraf Chrono stand out for their effectiveness in preserving the Swiss precision characteristics of Eberhard & Co. watches.


The steel case, with a diameter of 41 mm, alternates between polished and satin finishes and contains a custom-designed “Faraday cage”. A “soft” iron structure that absorbs electromagnetic waves and protects the watch’s micromechanics.

The mechanical automatic chronograph features two counters decorated with a refined azurée finish. 30 minutes at 9 o’clock and continual seconds at 3 o’clock. From an aesthetic point of view, the Scientigraf Chrono displays a vintage appeal. On the black dial, the two counters and the triangle element stand out, recurring in many details. The hour markers and hands are available in orange or ivory with luminescence to make them visible in the dark.

The Scientigraf Chrono is presented on a steel Chassis® bracelet with a 2CLICK® clasp. Thanks to its two button unlocking system. This, allows the bracelet to be softly unfastened while providing extra security against accidental opening. The clasp is personalised with the Maison’s signature shield, also evoked in the design of the internal blades.


Above all, the screw-down caseback features the original 1961 design with the Maison’s “E” logo. Secondly, a reference to the anti-magnetic tests carried out at the specialised centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds, making this iconic model timeless for any occasion.

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Boo! It’s time for Halloween

With the approaching Halloween season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to inject a dash of enchantment into your fashion choices. There’s a splendid array of opulent wristwatches that harmonize seamlessly with the whimsical ambiance of this festive occasion.

Amidst the mystique and allure of Halloween, we’re enticed to delve into the realm of timepieces that not only keep us impeccably on schedule. But also serve as sophisticated extensions of our individuality throughout this captivating period… Boo!


Eberhard & Co. has launched in 1959 the SCAFOGRAF collection that has been one of La Maison de La Chaux-de-Fonds’ greatest successes.The color brown and the color black, during this time of year, refer us to what Halloween has tried to convey over the years. However, you don’t necessarily have to wear it only this season, since it’s perfect for any occasion. The celebratory edition has been named “MCMLIX”, which indicates in Roman numerals the year of birth of the collection.


Whether garish at a rave, noble in the Vatican, dramatic on the catwalk or to use it in Halloween with your costume. Halloween is often associated with all things dark. The L3 Spheric Purple is an excellent choice to don during this season. The L3 Chronograph iteration is named Spheric Purple because it boasts not only a stunning gradient dial but also an exquisite colour that is not gender-oriented. Purple is an attitude that men, women and everyone can wear.


Minase Urushi Maki-e by Hakose serie is the latest novelty in the Masterpiece collection. Every Masterpiece is based upon the Windows collection. And all of them are embodying beautiful and traditional crafts and techniques from Japan. At this time of the year, you can wear it on the spookiest night of the year. The regular serie is available on stainless steel bracelet or leather band, with plain color dials. Hakose Urushi Serie is hand-crafted in Japan on either gold or stainless steel case.

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Minase Watches: Japonese art at WindUp Watch Fair

Minase Watches participated in the 2023 edition of the Windup Watch Fair, held from October 20 till October 22, in New York City.


The Windup Watch Fair was a whirlwind of incredible watches, but the star of the show, in our opinion, was the Minase Urushi Maki-e Hakose series.

Their collaboration with master artisan Hakose is a testament to their dedication to Japanese heritage. Each piece in this extraordinary collection showcases the ancient Japanese art and at WindUp we talked and shared about the brand’s philosophy, from the preservation of time-honored Japanese traditions in watchmaking to the forward-thinking approach that drives its commitment to excellence.

The team also shared insights behind the Minase brand to clients and press who stopped by the Minase booth: The Knockturnal, Fratello Watches, Time + Tide, High Snobiety, WatchPro, Teddy Baldassare, Popping Crowns, and many more, had the opportunity to explore and try on this Minase novelty.


The Windows collection does not resemble any watch we are familiar with. Simply because this model was not inspired by watches; it was inspired by geometry. Minase wanted to create a watch
that would enhance this.

Minase Urushi Maki-e by Hakose serie is the latest novelty in the masterpiece collection. With 4 different dials: Four Seasons, Komon, Yoshino Sakura and Yama Sakura. Every masterpiece is based upon the Windows collection.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a budding watch enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of mechanical watches, this event is a must-visit. WindUp Watch Fair, hosted by Worn&Wound, has earned a reputation for curating some of the finest independent and microbrand watchmakers. A unique opportunity for attendees to explore, try on, and purchase a wide range of watches, including limited editions and rare timepieces.

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