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The Couch Sessions – Sofia Hoffmann

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Sofia Hoffmann and I met over 24 years ago, and I always remember her back then with a guitar in her hand. Music was always a big part of her life and it’s incredible to see that after so many years of doing it for fun, she’s now doing it professionally.

Aside from being a successful international project manager, which she now continues to be part-time, Sofia Hoffmann devotes most of her time to music. She’s a singer and songwriter, influenced by her love for jazz but also by Indian sounds which have made their way into some of the songs on her first album called One Soul.

She’s also the co-founder of The Music Stylist, a company that customizes music for brands, stores, events and much more. Each soundtrack is entirely tailored to match the personality of their client and the results are breathtaking.

Throughout this Couch Session, we continued our discussion about Luxury Experience and how companies like the Music Stylist can make a difference with such a personalized service.

Thank you to Sofia who so kindly accepted to be part of these sessions, and share with us her passion for music and luxury.

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