The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions – Carlos Torres

by Marina Coelho

I can’t really remember the exact moment I met Carlos. But one thing I’m sure of, it was a million lifetimes ago. Probably at a press presentation during SIHH, at a launch event or maybe it was at a casual brand dinner. What I remember was being excited to meet a fellow countryman passionate about watches.


Carlos is a living, breathing encyclopedia to anything related to watches. Not only is he unbeatable when it comes to technical expertise; but he has a deep knowledge of watchmaking history and the industry itself. After being an editor and contributor for the most important Portuguese watch publications; he has built an impeccable international reputation widely recognized by independent watchmakers, brands and auction houses alike.

We had many topics to choose from for this session. From the uncertain future of trade shows, retail vs wholesale, or the impact of this outbreak on the industry.

We decided to tackle one issue that is at the very core of the matter. The evolution of consumer behavior.

It was an enlightened conversation per usual, backed with an active participation from our dear followers. Thanks for that!

Thanks to Carlos for graciously agreeing to switch roles and be interviewed, delighting us with such an insightful conversation.


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The Couch Sessions” were created from a necessity to get closer to our clients, partners and friends. Through the COVID-19 crisis, instagram lives became a trend. Sparkling PR created their own series, to put forth entertaining, educational and insightful content about the luxury industry. Hosted by our founder, Marina Coelho, she invites influential guests within the industry; to share and discuss relevant and current issues.