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The Couch Sessions – Seven Friday

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Seven Friday is one of those brands that live and breath their DNA. From the founders, the team, to their ambassadors, everyone is Seven Friday.

I have to say I have a bit of crush for Seven Friday. Because not only is the design completely out there, which I love; but the thing that tickles my fancy the most is the way they are. Authentic, unapologetic with a “take or leave it” kind of attitude.

After a long career in the luxury industry; Dan Niederer decided to ditch the corporate world to embrace a more personal project; and that’s how Seven Friday began.


Having worked in the watch industry and with the network to help lift his idea off the ground, Dan, along with co-founder and designer Arnaud Duval, started work on creating Seven Friday – industrial inspired designs with craftsmanship and intricate detailing at its heart, starting with watches.

From a communication standpoint, Seven Friday has, in my opinion, ticked all the boxes. So for this Couch Session, I took the time to pick Dan’s brain. We went over some of the communication activities that make Seven Friday standout from the crowd.

  • True to their DNA: They have established but also kept true to their mission. So everything they do is governed by those guidelines.
  • Embracing digital: They’ve also been one of the first luxury brands to completely embrace digital. Building a successful community online that overflew offline.
  • Modernizing concepts: Seven Friday has “spaces” – it’s a boutique/bar/hangout; with this modern concept, they’ve reinvented the way consumers approach watch brands and redefined the traditional luxury experience.
  • Out of the box” collabs: whether it’s with a motorcycle customization shop in Biarritz, or with street artists from Zurich; the brand keeps on offering cool ways to show off their products with authentic partnerships “that make sense”.

Thanks so much to Dan for sharing his passion and for an incredible insight into the inner workings of the Seven Friday Communication department.

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