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The Couch Sessions – Jason Saundalkar

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The passion a watch enthusiast shares tends to bring us together in the most of uncomplicated and genuine ways. Jason and I met at a virtual gathering hosted by the Dead Seconds Society during which our guest Barbara Palumbo shared her insights on the industry.

Jason has been living in Dubai for over 35 years, he’s a content and event producer by day and a watch collector/ photography enthusiast by night. One of his favorite brands is Omega but his kryptonite is one of the most outrageous of independents, MB&F.

He enjoyed my IG lives, and I enjoyed his cool IG wrist shots. So of course, I had to invite him on for a first of many series dedicated to the importance of the luxury experience.

Luxury experience is one of the main pillars of every luxury brand. Each have a different perception of the concept but all acknowledge its importance and design their customer experiences around it. Whether it is online, in-store, during an event, the experience must reflect luxury and the brand’s DNA. During this session, Jason and I discussed what exactly does luxury mean and how important it really is to the eyes of a collector. We also discussed the unbelievable news regarding Baselworld 2020 and shared our top choices from the Watches & Wonders launches.

Thank you Jason for sharing your passion with us. You’re welcome back anytime!


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