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The Couch Sessions – Horlogerie Française

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Sylvain Hubert joined us for this Couch Session for a show and tell on French watch brands.

He has a watch distribution company in Sweden, representing a few independent brands. He has also opened a showroom space called Showroom W. It’s an industrial-inspired loft where he can show off the brands he represents and loves. It’s a by appointment only space where you can have coffee, stay for hours and discuss watches.

So for this Couch Session, we decided to tackle French watchmaking and go over three French brands that Sylvain represents; Pequignet, Utinam and FOB Paris.

These brands have distinctive design ranging from classic, to ingenious, to outright eccentric. But all have one thing in common, they are based in Besançon, the cradle of French watchmaking.

Pequignet, you probably have guessed it, is the most classic of the three. Founded over 40 years ago, it really cultivates the independence spirit. It is also one of the few brands owning a manufacture movement. The Calibre Royal which design, prototype and assembly is based in France.

Since 1993, Utinam’s designer Philippe Lebru has been wowing his followers with ingenious and futuristic pieces. Passionate by design, he created new ways of telling time with the Utinam clocks. The skeleton construction shows the intricate mechanical workings and inner heartbeat of each piece. The clocks can either be self-standing or mounted on a wall. Combining mechanical ingenuity and design, Utinam is definitely more than a practical timepiece, it’s a work of art.

From pocket to wrist, FOB Paris watches are a complete representation of what modern timepieces should be, technical and stylish. For inspiration, the three founders rely on their engineering education and their love for design. It then results in ambitious timepieces.


Thanks again to Sylvain for sharing these beauties with us. And we’ll have him back soon for another show and tell.

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