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Minase Watches: Japonese art at WindUp Watch Fair

Minase Watches participated in the 2023 edition of the Windup Watch Fair, held from October 20 till October 22, in New York City.


The Windup Watch Fair was a whirlwind of incredible watches, but the star of the show, in our opinion, was the Minase Urushi Maki-e Hakose series.

Their collaboration with master artisan Hakose is a testament to their dedication to Japanese heritage. Each piece in this extraordinary collection showcases the ancient Japanese art and at WindUp we talked and shared about the brand’s philosophy, from the preservation of time-honored Japanese traditions in watchmaking to the forward-thinking approach that drives its commitment to excellence.

The team also shared insights behind the Minase brand to clients and press who stopped by the Minase booth: The Knockturnal, Fratello Watches, Time + Tide, High Snobiety, WatchPro, Teddy Baldassare, Popping Crowns, and many more, had the opportunity to explore and try on this Minase novelty.


The Windows collection does not resemble any watch we are familiar with. Simply because this model was not inspired by watches; it was inspired by geometry. Minase wanted to create a watch
that would enhance this.

Minase Urushi Maki-e by Hakose serie is the latest novelty in the masterpiece collection. With 4 different dials: Four Seasons, Komon, Yoshino Sakura and Yama Sakura. Every masterpiece is based upon the Windows collection.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a budding watch enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of mechanical watches, this event is a must-visit. WindUp Watch Fair, hosted by Worn&Wound, has earned a reputation for curating some of the finest independent and microbrand watchmakers. A unique opportunity for attendees to explore, try on, and purchase a wide range of watches, including limited editions and rare timepieces.

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