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Boo! It’s time for Halloween

With the approaching Halloween season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to inject a dash of enchantment into your fashion choices. There’s a splendid array of opulent wristwatches that harmonize seamlessly with the whimsical ambiance of this festive occasion.

Amidst the mystique and allure of Halloween, we’re enticed to delve into the realm of timepieces that not only keep us impeccably on schedule. But also serve as sophisticated extensions of our individuality throughout this captivating period… Boo!


Eberhard & Co. has launched in 1959 the SCAFOGRAF collection that has been one of La Maison de La Chaux-de-Fonds’ greatest successes.The color brown and the color black, during this time of year, refer us to what Halloween has tried to convey over the years. However, you don’t necessarily have to wear it only this season, since it’s perfect for any occasion. The celebratory edition has been named “MCMLIX”, which indicates in Roman numerals the year of birth of the collection.


Whether garish at a rave, noble in the Vatican, dramatic on the catwalk or to use it in Halloween with your costume. Halloween is often associated with all things dark. The L3 Spheric Purple is an excellent choice to don during this season. The L3 Chronograph iteration is named Spheric Purple because it boasts not only a stunning gradient dial but also an exquisite colour that is not gender-oriented. Purple is an attitude that men, women and everyone can wear.


Minase Urushi Maki-e by Hakose serie is the latest novelty in the Masterpiece collection. Every Masterpiece is based upon the Windows collection. And all of them are embodying beautiful and traditional crafts and techniques from Japan. At this time of the year, you can wear it on the spookiest night of the year. The regular serie is available on stainless steel bracelet or leather band, with plain color dials. Hakose Urushi Serie is hand-crafted in Japan on either gold or stainless steel case.

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