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Drive along with the new Grand Prix Zurich

Maurice de Mauriac celebrates motor-racing iconography and its hometown colors with the new customizable Chrono Modern Grand Prix Zurich. This new watch embodies the principles of timeless design and superior performance. The Chrono Modern Grand Prix Zurich is destined to become a must-have accessory for watch enthusiasts.


In 1939, Zurich prepared itself to hold a Grand Prix race, which could not take place because of the outbreak of World War II. But what if the Zurich Grand Prix were held today? In association with the Züri Ring Simulation Motodrom, Maurice de Mauriac imagined a dedicated chronograph while adding two new dial references to the emblematic Pit Stop collection.

It took more than 80 years until someone was crazy and determined enough to bring a Grand Prix to Zurich again. Maurice de Mauriac has always been attracted to craziness and, when it comes to motorsports, the match is perfect. That’s why the brand became the official timekeeper of the Zurich Grand Prix 2023 and created a cool timepiece embodying the spirit of racing while celebrating the city’s true colors.


Tom Mächler, managing director of the Züri Ring Simulation Motodrom, is the mind behind the project. He brought other crazy people on board: the racing legend Hans Herrmann, the racing photographer Rainer W. Schlegelmilch and the Formula 1 enthusiastic media designer Stefano Luzzatto. They failed to make the Formula 1 bolides thunder through Zurich as they did in Monaco. But they created the perfect illusion of a Grand Prix in Zurich and Maurice de Mauriac joined them.


No matter whether you once had a successful race number or your great idol did, whether you want to document your birthday or a specific date – you can eternalize it on the dial of the Chrono Modern Zurich Grand Prix. Choosing any numerals from 01 to 99. And if that ever changes, Maurice de Mauriac will change your watch accordingly. There is no limit to your imagination or what you want to remind yourself of. 

Fasten your seatbelts and drive along with Maurice de Mauriac!

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