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Shining with AKILLIS in Portugal

Sparkling PR recently organized an unforgettable moment for the French jewelry brand, AKILLIS. An exclusive two-fold event in collaboration with renowned retailer, Machado Joalheiro, to announce their arrival to the Portuguese market.


Journalists from some of the most prestigious fashion and luxury jewelry magazines gathered to experience AKILLIS. The Press Day was a testament to the brand’s edgy core, and a chance for the media to get up close and personal with the brand’s exceptional jewellery collections.

The highlight of the day was the exhibition of AKILLIS high jewelry collections. Attendees were given the exclusive opportunity to explore the brand’s finest pieces, crafted under the modern, alternative and avant-garde DNA of the brand. The jewelry was a symphony of diamonds, precious metals, and striking designs that catered to various tastes and styles. From bold, edgy pieces that make a statement to more delicate ones, AKILLIS offers something for every jewelry enthusiast. The Press Day gave journalists the chance to appreciate the intricate details and impeccable quality of each item.


Caroline Gaspard, the brilliant mind behind AKILLIS, was the star of the event. She is celebrated for her groundbreaking designs and innovative approach to jewelry. Her passion for pushing the boundaries of conventional jewelry-making techniques has made AKILLIS synonymous with sophistication and contemporary luxury.

At the Press Day, Caroline Gaspard spoke passionately about her journey. The inspiration behind her designs, and the commitment to using only the finest materials in AKILLIS creations. Her dedication to crafting jewelry that is as unique as the individuals who wear it resonated with the audience, leaving everyone excited about her creative vision.


The celebration continued at the Valverde Hotel, where Sparkling PR organized a cocktail event. VIP clients, influencers, and artists were in attendance. The evening provided an exclusive opportunity for guests to mingle with Caroline Gaspard. Learn more about the brand’s philosophy and creative process. It was an environment where guests could express their personal style by wearing AKILLIS jewelry. Exemplifying the brand’s ethos of individuality. As AKILLIS continues to shine, we can only imagine the breathtaking pieces yet to come.

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