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Scientigraf Chrono: The chronograph version

Since 1961, the year that marked the birth of Scientigraf, a watch conceived specifically to respond to the the multiplication of electrical appliances and their magnetic fields. Scientigraf is now available in a chronograph version: Scientigraf Chrono.

At a time where devices have become an integral part of everyday life, Scientigraf Chrono stand out for their effectiveness in preserving the Swiss precision characteristics of Eberhard & Co. watches.


The steel case, with a diameter of 41 mm, alternates between polished and satin finishes and contains a custom-designed “Faraday cage”. A “soft” iron structure that absorbs electromagnetic waves and protects the watch’s micromechanics.

The mechanical automatic chronograph features two counters decorated with a refined azurée finish. 30 minutes at 9 o’clock and continual seconds at 3 o’clock. From an aesthetic point of view, the Scientigraf Chrono displays a vintage appeal. On the black dial, the two counters and the triangle element stand out, recurring in many details. The hour markers and hands are available in orange or ivory with luminescence to make them visible in the dark.

The Scientigraf Chrono is presented on a steel Chassis® bracelet with a 2CLICK® clasp. Thanks to its two button unlocking system. This, allows the bracelet to be softly unfastened while providing extra security against accidental opening. The clasp is personalised with the Maison’s signature shield, also evoked in the design of the internal blades.


Above all, the screw-down caseback features the original 1961 design with the Maison’s “E” logo. Secondly, a reference to the anti-magnetic tests carried out at the specialised centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds, making this iconic model timeless for any occasion.

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