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We Need Romance in our Madness x RizRizRizz

Space Gallery St Barth is delighted to present the talented RizRizRizz in his inaugural exhibition
in New York City, ‘We Need Romance in our Madness’, from July 20 till the end of August, visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with Riz’s artwork.

In this series of paintings, we step fully into Rizz’s world, into his imagination and dreams, into
his pastel palette of delights, where heavenly animals and heroic females live. Floating on soft tones with large, wild brush strokes, these painting invite you in.

With a deceptive simplicity, there is a naivety to this work, but take a deeper look and they are laden with myths and cultural references.

These paintings are poetry that spill out from the artist’s romantic and gentle soul and you beg to know more.


RizRizRizz is a renowned Indonesian multidisciplinary artist and his works have been exhibited in galleries around the world and his work offers an intimate look inside his feelings and life experiences full of drama, trauma, tragedy and comedy all wrapped in one satirical work.

Rizz has the ability to communicate a plethora of complicated emotions through his paintings. The female figure is almost always accompanied by animal imagery and literary prose, which divulge the complicated world inhabited within each painting. Each story laid out before us but shrouded in an air of mystery.

“In this mad period of time, I put all my heart and soul into my artwork. I have lost my mind in this process, but in all this madness, I still feel the burning passion in my soul to keep creating.” said the artist.

Rizz also exhibits sculptures that are adapted from the figures residing in the paintings. These sculptures represent a 3D manifestation to many forms of his anxiousness and formal instincts as an artist-which became the baseline for his creative thought process that is inspired by tradition, yet it revolted against their ideal forms.

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