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Maurice de Mauriac x Rallymaster II

Maurice de Mauriac and Racquet Magazine collaborate once again to release the highly anticipated Rallymaster II. This limited edition wristwatch is a stunning amalgamation of vintage charm and contemporary tennis aesthetics, a true testament to the perfect harmony between sport and luxury.

Maurice de Mauriac and Racquet have joined forces to present the Rallymaster II, the second chapter of their celebrated wristwatch series. This exquisite timepiece pays homage to the vibrant and graphical watch dials of the ’60s and ’70s, delivering a blend of classic design elements and modern tennis-inspired cues.


The visionary mind responsible for breathing life into the Rallymaster II is none other than Carlton DeWoody. Renowned for his prowess in interior design, DeWoody has masterfully translated his passion for both tennis and watches into this remarkable collaboration. Inspired by the colorful and graphic aesthetics of yesteryears, DeWoody’s design resonates with the energy of the tennis court, creating a timepiece that stands as a true testament to his creative vision.

The synergy between Maurice de Mauriac and Racquet is more than skin deep. Carlton DeWoody aptly captures the essence of this partnership, stating, “The rise of watch culture parallels that of tennis in many ways. Both are growing a much wider audience. Maurice de Mauriac is the perfect partner for Racquet because they have a similar philosophy. Their watches and Racquet’s magazine speak to a new generation of sporty sophisticates.”

The Rallymaster II, a brilliant convergence of horology and tennis, is set to captivate watch enthusiasts and sports aficionados alike. With its ice blue dial, vintage charm, and modern design cues, this limited edition timepiece captures the essence of the tennis court and the world of luxury watches. As Maurice de Mauriac and Racquet continue to redefine the boundaries of sports and style, the Rallymaster II stands as a timeless reminder of their creative partnership.

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