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Minase, a leading name in luxury Japanese watches, is pleased to announce its third collaboration with Fratello, showcasing the exquisite M-3 timepiece. Following the successful release of the M-3 “Veri Peri” collaboration in 2022, Minase has once again chosen the M-3 model for this latest partnership.


Prior to Minase’s second collaboration with Fratello in 2022, the M-3 model remained relatively unknown outside of Japan. However, the overwhelming positive feedback and appreciation received for the M-3 “Veri Peri” collaboration prompted Minase to offer once again this unique timepiece. To a broader global audience.

The M-3 timepiece features a tastefully designed tonneau-shaped case, evoking a sense of classic elegance reminiscent of the 1970s. While it draws inspiration from that era, the M-3 showcases a fine balance between honoring the past and embracing modern design aesthetics, avoiding an overly retro appearance.

The M-3 “Nori” boasts an exquisite hand-painted green dial adorned with subtle brushed patterns. This captivating dial design, previously featured on the Divido model, marks a first-time appearance on the M-3 timepiece.


Minase is a luxury Japanese watch brand founded in 1985 by watchmaking tool-maker Kyowa. Known for its handcrafted timepieces, the brand combines technological excellence and the spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices. Creating unique watches that embody the values and traditions of Japan. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail using traditional Japanese techniques, Minase watches are rare with a yearly production of under 500 pieces.

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