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The Couch Sessions – Beauregard Watches

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For this episode of the Couch Sessions, I welcomed Alexandre from Beauregard Watches.

I met Alexandre last year at the Geneva show Barton 7, where I instantly fell in love with his collection, Dahlia. Plus, Alexandre is as warm and friendly as you expect every Canadian to be. His honesty and authenticity is inspiring and his nonchalant approach to watchmaking refreshing.

Dahlia, his first collection took the watch world by surprise. The unique combination of a central flying tourbillon framed in uniquely petal-shaped natural stones earned Alexandre one of the highest honors for any debuting watch brand; a nomination in the ladies category at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève.

Pursuing the tradition of capturing and reinterpreting the elegance of the world’s flowers, Beauregard unveiled Lili in June 2020. The brand’s latest creation in their portfolio, incorporating miniature gardens carved out of precious stones.

The delicate Lili cocktail watch is a feast to the eyes with its 33 natural stone petals in Turquoise, Opal and a myriad of fine stones. They are then carefully sculpted and polished by hand before being adjusted by a master jeweller. This collection comes in its gold and diamonds combination, or in the sleek steel configuration. So, for those who believe watches should tell more than time, Lili is a work of art bound to resonate with the soul. 


Thank you again to Alex for being a guest and sharing his passion and his new collection.

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