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Maurice de Mauriac x L1 Red Lightning

Let us introduce you to the Maurice de Mauriac L1 Red Lightning, a timepiece that fuses provocative disruption and audacity, offering a unique and exciting experience in contemporary watchmaking. Where art, music and design converge. It is the next surprising addition to the iconic L series.


The L1 is loved for the purity of its style, which was consistently continued in the L2 and L3. It was the Swiss musician and singer Crimer who gave the impetus to produce the L1 with red glass. Massimo, Leonard and Masha Dreifuss, children and successors of the late founder Daniel Dreifuss, turned his dream watch into reality.

Designed by Swiss visionary Fabian Schwärzler, the L1 Red Lightning combines the purity of the L1 design with the boldness of a red watch glass. This fusion may seem unexpected. It is an embodiment of Maurice de Mauriac’s spirit – challenging traditions and creating extraordinary experiences. Fabian says: “I am very proud of this work”. The red watch glasses of the L-series are a tribute to Daniel Dreifuss’ love for color and allow his boldness to live on these watches.

Very clearly aware of time and its reality, wearers always allow themselves a creative extra mile.

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