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Maurice de Mauriac x photo basel

maurice de mauriac x photo basel

A connection between watchmaking and art

Hosted at the Volkshaus Basel, from 13 to 18 june photo basel brought together prominent industry professionals, distinguished guests, and media and showcased the latest and greatest in photography and visual art.

Besides sponsoring the global event, Maurice de Mauriac awarded and bought an outstanding photographic artwork at photo basel to add to their art collection during an Award ceremony. The Award went to the image This is Vision Ahead, 2022 by Sarfo Emmanuel Annor The Bridge Gallery, Paris.

Maurice de Mauriac x photo basel

photo basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photography based art and this year has brought together galleries from around the world in a unique, authentic setting and sees itself as an integrative and hybrid platform that connects all actors of the art world (online and IRL).

This year, Maurice de Mauriac wanted to actively contribute to this dialogue and make art
photography even more accessible and no one better than Maurice de Mauriac to help with this idea. The brand was present not only to announce its sponsorship with photo basel but also showcase its L3 collection. Attendees had the opportunity to view the brand’s latest designs and experience the craftsmanship that has made Maurice de Mauriac, a world-renowned watch brand.

“It was an honor to share our vision with everyone here. Our goal as a brand is not only to provide our customers with exceptional quality watches, but also to enrich their lives through memorable experiences.” said Massimo Dreifuss.

Maurice de Mauriac created a casual atmosphere, offering visitors a unique insight into the intersection of art and watchmaking. The brand not only celebrates watchmaking, but also established an emotional connection with art lovers, who find in the brand an expression of their passion for aesthetic excellence.

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