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The Couch Sessions – Discovering GoS Watches

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I spend a lot of my days online searching for new and exciting topics for our Couch Sessions; and I’m always astonished when I stumble upon great brands which I haven’t seen before. GoS Watches was one of them.

I was immediately drawn to the aesthetics of these timepieces and the detailed work of the case and dial, which is so recognizable and sets this brand apart.

GoS Watches was born from a partnership between master blade smith Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren. They first met in 2007 and blended the two crafts together with their rich Scandinavian heritage. 

The process of hand forging Damascus steel creates unique patterns which give the iconic personality and character to the watches, and thanks to this technique each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. What impressed me the most is that Johan creates these patterns blindly since the steel needs to be blazing hot, so he only sees the final design at the end of the process. I was also fascinated by Johan’s mastery to go from working on knives to small surfaces such as a watch dial, let alone creating watch hands out of Damascus steel, which he also does!

The watchmaking finishings are mind-blowing as well. Patrik was kind enough to show us a prototype he’s been working on, where he’s been testing a northern lights effect on a dial mixing in all the emerald green tones to get that ethereal impression. Even though Patrik still considers this dial a work in progress, it was stunning, you could definitely see the aurora borealis effect!


The Scandinavian heritage is part of this brand’s dna and serves as inspiration to every design, from the rich nature of the land, to the Nordic seasons or the Nordic lights. GoS Watches also digs deep into the Viking history reviving some ancient decoration patterns from the Viking ages.

The end result is a strong watch worthy of shows like Game of Thrones or Vikings. 

GoS watches also offers uniquely customized handcrafted watches, customers can request specific colors and patterns to make their watch their own.

Thanks again so much to Patrik for sharing his passion and a little bit of his secrets with us.

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