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Eberhard & Co x Sparkling PR

Our newest client Eberhard & Co is a Swiss watch brand. The brand wishes to further develop its presence in the Spanish market; and the relationships with its distribution network. Sparkling PR will lend its support by working on increasing brand recognition and brand image in the market, and more importantly, by rekindling relationships with the vast national media landscape.


Eberhard & Co. watches boast over a century of research and passion. Since 1887 the Swiss brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation; which are represented in precious timepieces with high technical content that have marked important stages; the pocket chronograph, the first wrist chronograph, right up to dual time watches.


Sparkling PR will work on rekindling relationships with the local press and develop the brand’s awareness by taking care of all matters of public relations and marketing activities. This will be achieved by the:

  • Translation of PR material
  • Distribution of PR material to over 230 contacts in Spain
  • Personalization of emails sent to journalists
  • Personal follow-up with Watches & Luxury top editors
  • Article negotiations: product launches, interviews, brand history, exhibitions & press visits
  • Media monitoring of press coverage
  • Organization of press and client events
  • Setting-up partnerships with influencers, collectors and other partners
  • Management of local social media activities


News, Newsletters

Our Client Space Gallery St Barth hosts Giorgio Pasqualetti in NYC

Giorgio Pasqualetti  I  The Rigor of Nature
October 28 2021 – November 10 2021
428 Broome Street, NY, NY, USA

Space Gallery St Barth is delighted to present for the first time in New York City; the inaugural solo exhibition by upcoming Italian artist Giorgio Pasqualetti.


“THE RIGOR OF NATURE” is a journey of seven works inspired by the seven natural wonders of the world. Describing in their breadth these immense and spectacular landscapes and where the geometries, shapes and colors vary according to the place and the ecosystem in which they live.

“I wanted to focus my attention on these uncontaminated places not only to excite the viewer but also to reflect on the fact that to preserve these environments we must necessarily respect the laws of nature. It is clear to everyone how nature reacts with strength and “rigor” when man ignores or forgets these laws. Environmental disasters are now on the agenda.” – GP

Art today sensitizes the viewer on environmental issues in many ways and for those who like Pasqualetti create abstract geometric works, it is the color that indicates an emergency. In the diptych “Amazonia” the red background echoes the environmental tragedy of deforestation and fires in the Amazon rainforest which not only represents a threat to the climate but also a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens.

The rigor of nature is not a project born not only to raise awareness but also to rediscover a connection with the natural elements. The lockdown and the fear of contagion have created a disconnection between man and the environment and narrating the seven natural wonders of the world with painting is like diving back into the soul of nature, into its secrets, into the light of its colors. Sky, woods, rocks, earth, water, give us the free and clean breath we all need. 

“The need to show reality not as it appears but in the way my mind perceives its appearance, translates into this new project that investigates the purest nature with its colors and its hidden geometries and how men try to change the laws by which nature itself expresses itself.” – GP


Pasqualetti is based between Milan and Rome. His command of color and his elegant tableaux have caught the attention of Italy’s most prominent curators in addition to collectors including LVMH who have commissioned half a dozen custom paintings by the artist. Pasqualetti has received international press coverage from Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, and GQ as an artist to watch and his star is on the rise. His calendar of exhibitions in 2021/2022 will only continue to raise his profile, name recognition, and also his price point.

Title of works (7 Natural Wonders of the World)
1. Table Mountain
2. Puerto Princesa Underground River
3. Komodo
4. Jeju Island
5. Halong Bay
6. Amazon
7. Iguazu Falls