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A touch of Vintage with Watch Garage

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The vintage world has always fascinated me, mainly when it comes to bags and shoes; – we all know how much women love their accessories! But most recently, the world of vintage watches has caught my eye. Over the last few years there’s been a worldwide “acceptance” of the vintage condition in watchmaking; and consequently an explosion of IG accounts dealing with this market. But most surprising, brands and retailers alike have started tapping into this side of the business; providing a safe and regulated environment for their clients.

One of the dealers I’ve recently met is André Sampaio from Watch Garage. André is of course a watch lover and aficionado and collects them himself. But he didn’t come from the watch world which is what draw my attention in the first place. Like myself André left his corporate world behind to dedicate his precious time to his true passion.

André is based in Porto, started off building his network slowly; and is now one of the most reputable dealers in the area. But I’ll let you discover more about this passionate watch geek yourself on our IG live below. Besides a compelling discussion about vintage, how to get started and what to watch out for; André also showed us some very cool pieces – mainly Rolexes, of course.

Thank you to André; for showing us why vintage watches is not only for collectors and how easy it is to get hooked.

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