Four brands to follow

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From leather goods to art, jewelry and watches; I love browsing online for new favorites among luxury brands. It’s always very exciting to come across a new “coup de coeur”. So, for this article I’ve gathered 3 brands and one artist for you, that I’ve been closely following lately and have become my favorites.

Greubel Forsey is part of those brands that I’ve admired for a long time. Their passion for watchmaking comes through every new model they launch. Desire to keep pushing those boundaries always further. Mastery of technical achievements linked directly with their never-ending search for excellence are some of the reasons why this brand is at the top of my list.

Longchamp has long been one of my favorite brands. Especially ever since they revamped their products, their branding and overall image; I’ve become completely fascinated and addicted to it. More so nowadays with their commitment to a more conscious environment, which hits home for me. Longchamp has changed many of its activities in order to limit their impact on deforestation, to ensure proper leather provenance, to implement a no-fur policy, to legitimize their tanning procedures, and to reduce waste.

Antoine Rose is one of the artist’s I most enjoy at the moment. I became familiar with his work while working with our client Bel-Air Fine Art. His photographic vision and composition details are extraordinary, and I feel that this is an artist you would never get bored of having in your home. His photographs are filled with details that would take you a lifetime to decipher.

Akillis is a brand I started working with this year, and I love what it stands for. A true reflection of its designer’s personality Caroline Gaspard; irreverent, bold and intrepid. Akillis is a brand in complete ascension with an authentic rock n’ roll attitude.



The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon had only one chapter. Today, Greubel Forsey reveals an 11 piece edition of this groundbreaking timepiece; in titanium. New materials, new colors and new finishes launch this revolutionary and modern limited edition towards unexplored horizons. The GMT Quadruple Tourbillon is an horological breakthrough designed to average out positional errors due to gravity in all situations; especially in stable wristwatch positions.


The Maison Longchamp launched an exciting new campaign featuring the Roseau. This mini top handle bag plays with volumes. With its removable strap, it can be carried in various different ways; by hand for a fashionable and confident look, or across the body for a more casual style. This “Très Paris” campaign goes beyond the traditional framework to play with clichés on the City of Light. The brand wanted to show an authentic Paris in this exercise of cinematoscope style, imbued with boldness and charm.


Antoine Rose started working on his “up in the air” series in 2002; while shooting the kitesurfing world cup in Rio de Janeiro. Being a perfectionist, he dedicated a couple of years on refining his ideas. The latest images of the series, were shot around the Hamptons shorelines and have recently been featured at the photo fever art fair in Brussels, Belgium and at the 2012 fall edition of the affordable art fair in New York, receiving a very warm welcome from the audience.
< Casual meeting, Hamptons, 2012


Jean-Claude Jitrois, the stretch-leather specialist and longtime friend has joined forces with Caroline Gaspard; the creator of AKILLIS jewelry. To design a capsule collection inspired by her recent Tattoo jewelry line. The creativity of Caroline Gaspard combines with the savoir-faire and signature pieces of the Maison Jitrois. She re-interprets these ethnic motifs through the clever use of embroidered stretch-leather meshwork.