The Couch Sessions

The Art of Storytelling with Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso

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As it is now custom with our Couch Sessions, we welcome interesting guests with different stories to tell. Whether we invite a brand or a journalist, they all have a path they’ve been so kind to share with us and our viewers.

For this session, we wanted to share a gift with our followers, and invite Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso. A master storyteller who shared her own story and gave some insight on the importance of storytelling for either small and/or more established brands.

Gaëlle worked in the communications department of different brands for many years. And after a while, she decided to set sail on her own and create her business. In the past, brands tasked Gaëlle to write press releases, manifestos, CEOs interviews, and many more.

Gaëlle and I met while working for the jewelry brand de GRISOGONO; where storytelling was not only part of our daily work, it was embedded in the brand’s DNA. As a PR, there is nothing more valuable than to have a story to share with your journalists, editors, celebrities and others. And everyone within the organization, lived and breathed this story and recounted it millions of times to anyone outside of the company.


Having a story to tell is very important and it’s a key contributing factor to the success of a brand. But to write a good story is not an easy feat. It requires skill, creativity and artistry.

During this talk, Gaëlle shared a few of her secrets on how to start building a story, how to make it a memorable one, and how to make it stand above all others.

Thank you Gaëlle for accepting our invitation; and for a fascinating discussion on the relevance of storytelling.

To learn more about Gaëlle, visit her website or contact us.