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The Couch Sessions – Chic Every Weather

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For this Couch Session, we sat down with Chic Every Weather, a fashion app impressing women daily with their local weather-inspired looks!

Joana Branco, a fashionista at heart and her husband João, a talented graphic designer launched Chic Every Weather. Joana wanted to create an app that would inspire its users during their morning routine. The app offers a variety of looks from top fashion brands tied to the weather, but also allows the user to buy the look straight from the brand’s website. 

Did you know that:

  • The team personally curates different looks for different occasions, inspiring their users every day
  • They’ve recently partnered up with Farfetch which gives them access to hundreds of looks from the most incredible brands
  • You can play Russian Roulette with the “Look Refresh” button and choose from endless weather-inspired looks
  • You can shop your favorite items. They’ll re-direct you straight to the brand’s website, with no added fee or hidden charges

Ever since its launch, Chic Every Weather takes part in many social responsible campaigns and now more than ever, as they help in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. They’ve joined joined forces with Go Parity to get the #tech4covid19 movement going worldwide. A project launched by a group of more than 300 startups and their entrepreneurs and teams, with the aim of slowing down the spread of Covid-19 and assisting in its diagnosis and treatment.

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