Collaboration with the Dead Seconds Society

Defending the values of Fine Watchmaking!

Imagine a community of Watch Collectors that gathers at a non-disclosed, secret location on the last Friday of each month with the sole purpose of sharing and elevating their particular passion: 

Unconditional love for Horology and Fine Watchmaking!

The intense activity that follows generates lively discussions that are then passed on to private channels and is finally reflected on the communities public Instagram and website communication channels where in-depth articles and analysis of selected watches and watchmakers are published with the direct contribution of an elite of Society Members. This is the place where the Dead Seconds Society approaches watches and Watchmaking on a collectors perspective rather than just a buyers approach.

Watch Collectors

That community is now a palpable reality having been established in December 2017, when their members gathered for the very first time in Lisbon. The group of aficionados took upon the name of “Dead Seconds Society”, a hybrid designation inspired by the poetic eloquence of the late Robin Williams in the movie “Dead Poets Society”, and the Dead Seconds complication present in some rare horological masterpieces.

Since its inception, the Society’s vision was to become an integral part of the collector and watch lovers community. To become one of them, cater to their needs and not just be a purveyor of the canned information so many communication channels propose without distinction of content or chronological discrepancy. In short, to defend the real values of traditional Fine Watchmaking!

That mission has been fully accomplished, and the Dead Seconds Society is today an invitation-only community. Over these last two years, the Society has become the visible face of a fast-growing group of seasoned collectors, buyers, scholars and watch lovers. For its Founding Members, authentic Watchmaking, the science of horology and the art of collecting is an obsession. But it’s also a way of life and a passion the Society shares with like-minded people that become part of this very special community.

As a collector’s community aiming to defend the values of traditional Haute Horlogerie, the Society prefers the real thing and is keen on initiating its younger or less knowledgeable Members on the Art and Science of Watchmaking. Reflecting that philosophy, the Society has appropriated itself on the Latin family motto of one of the greatest watch collectors of the 20th century: 

“Esse Quam Videre”

“To be rather than to seem” impeccably translates the Societies approach to the passion all of its members share. Because in the end, it’s all about the people and their stories, friendship and their shared unconditional love for authentic Fine Watchmaking.

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