PR | Bel-Air Fine Art x Marina de Cascais


Marina de Cascais
2 November – 6 December 2020

Bel-Air Fine Art brings to Cascais a curated art show featuring masterpieces by world renowned artists such as Salvador Dali, Jeff Koons, Patrick Hughes, Carole Feuerman and Richard Orlinski, among others.

The Bel-Air Fine Art is an international group based in Switzerland, with galleries located in the most exclusive locations worldwide. The group is known for its impeccable taste in contemporary art and represents some of the most important masters of this artistic persuasion.

This will be the group’s first exhibition in Portugal, and a long-awaited one. The owners, François and Gregory Chabanian have had a very close connection with the country, and even more so to Cascais. Indeed, this quaint village has been François’ favorite vacation destination for many years and so, it was only logical that Cascais be the chosen venue for his first art show in the country.

During the month of November, the group opens a temporary art gallery with free entrance, at the prestigious Marina de Cascais. With over 600m2 and a completely renovated space, the gallery features artworks personally selected by François Chabanian, to bring forth the group’s four most quintessential art movements: Contemporary Art; Neo Pop Art; Optical Art and Contemporary Photography. 

The art gallery showcases critically acclaimed artists who best represent these styles, and over 200 works, all authenticated and certified, which are of course for sale to the delight of art enthusiasts. Among them, Salvador Dali, Jeff Koons, Carole Feuerman, Idan Zareski, Richard Orlinski, Patrick Rubinstein, Patrick Hughes, Joseph, Christian Voigt, Cécile Plaisance, and many more.

The tone of the exhibition is given by none other than the master of modern art himself, Salvador Dali. For this particular exhibition, Bel-Air Fine Art reached out to Jean Amiot, perhaps the most illustrious of all Dali collectors. Amiot possesses one of the vastest Dali collections in the world and was kind enough to lend over 30 rare original engravings, lithographs, drawings from his private collection. From this same collection, Bel-Air is also exhibiting various sculptures lent from Amiot’s Dalineum Museum in Beaune, France.

Alongside exclusive partners, such as the Câmara Municipal de Cascais, Marina de Cascais, Pricci Jewelry, Vilaça Interiores, Quinta do Côtto and Villa Collection; Bel-Air Fine Art is bringing the fascination of the contemporary art world to the greater Lisbon area.

The gallery has free entrance and is opened:
Monday to Friday: 2pm to 8pm          
Weekend: 10am to 8pm

The address is:
Rua Marina de Cascais 1 
Loja 1 2750-800 Cascais