PRESS RELEASE | Meia Lua Watches x Callisto


MEIA LUA WATCHES introduces its most recent collection, CALLISTO.

MEIA LUA is a Portuguese independent watch brand. Born in Lisbon, where the Tagus meets the Atlantic and the sea meets the city. The objective of the brand is to deliver exclusive automatic timepieces with upscale features, beautifully designed, carefully crafted and yet reasonably priced. 

All who visit this magical city, usually mention how special the light is in Lisbon. At night, when the sun sets and the moon rises, the vibe becomes even more special. The brand tends to capture the emotions brought by such moments. Meia lua stands for “half-moon” in the Portuguese language, and the moon plays an important role for the brand’s inspiration. Not only is the moon essential to watchmaking but it holds a sentimental place in the history of Portugal.

As an independent watch brand, MEIA LUA aims to place Portugal, a country with a strong watchmaking culture and tradition, at the heart of the international watch scene and so far the brand has delivered timepieces to more than 30 countries worlwide.

Callisto, a nymph and the daughter of the King Lycaon. Betraitor lover of Zeus. Expelled and transformed into a bear by Hera and later set among the stars as “Ursa Major”. The bear-mother of the Arcadians. 

Discovered by Galileo, Callisto is also the third largest moon of the solar system, carrying the oldest and most heavily cratered surface that mankind has ever known and is considered one of the most suitable candidates for human life space exploration.

Has there ever been a better inspiration for this next release?