PRESS RELATIONS | Watches and Culture

Watches and Culture is the cultural division of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie based in Geneva, Switzerland. The institution wishes to further develop its media presence in the international market by communicating on its major events, the exhibition Time Design and the Watch Forum 2022.


Watches and Culture engages the widest possible audience with the culture of watchmaking and promotes the artistic and cultural value of the watch as a demonstration of excellence.


Sparkling PR will work on promoting the two major events from Watches and Culture, the Time Design exhibition (April 2022) and the Watch Forum (September 2022). This will be achieved by the:

  • Preparation of personalized international press lists from different segments (watches, jewellery, business, lifestyle, luxury, feminine and masculine titles)
  • Distribution of PR material to over 1’100 contacts in Europe and the USA
  • Personalization of emails sent to journalists (translated into English, French, Spanish and French)
  • Personal follow-up with top editors
  • Article negotiations: interviews, history, exhibitions & forums, press visits
  • Media monitoring of press coverage
  • Management of press logistics during events (invitations, RSVPs, room and board, transfers, etc)
  • Preparation of a Performance Report

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