PRESS RELATIONS | Maurice de Mauriac

One encounters Maurice de Mauriac always and everywhere as a personable, human and warm family business. That’s why, when our friend Miguel Seabra introduced Sparkling PR to the brand we were so excited to take on this PR mandate.


Maurice de Mauriac was founded by Daniel Dreifuss in 1997. The brand is famous for its exclusive series of mechanical watches featuring unique designs, a customizable approach, straps of the highest quality and robust movements tested by generations of watch lovers. Maurice de Mauriac timepieces have interested collectors and watch lovers from around the world and been featured globally in watch, design and news media. Daniel’s sons Massimo and Leonard are heading the independent company since 2020 and were recently joined by their sister Masha.


Sparkling PR will create and implement an international PR campaign work to develop the brand’s awareness and worldwide visibility in key markets. This will be achieved by the:

  • Translation of PR material into French
  • Distribution of PR material to over 3’000 international contacts
  • Personalization of emails sent to journalists
  • Personal follow-up with Watches & Luxury top editors
  • Article negotiations: product launches, interviews, brand history, exhibitions & press visits
  • Media monitoring of press coverage
  • Organization of press events
  • Setting-up partnerships with influencers, collectors and other partners

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