PRESS RELATIONS | Minase Watches

We’re delighted to announce that the Japanese watch brand, Minase Watches has chosen Sparkling PR to manage their international press relations efforts.


Minase is a luxury Japanese watch brand founded in 1985 by watchmaking tool-maker Kyowa. Known for its handcrafted timepieces, the brand combines technological excellence and the spirit of Japan’s manufacturing practices to create unique watches that embody the values and traditions of Japan. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail using traditional Japanese techniques, Minase watches are rare with a yearly production of under 500 pieces.


Sparkling PR will be working on promoting the brand’s latest news to the press, increasing the brand’s international visibility. This will be achieved through the:

  • Translation of PR material
  • Distribution of PR material to the press
  • Personalization of emails sent to journalists
  • Personal follow-up with Watches, Business, Lifestyle and Luxury top editors
  • Article negotiations: product launches, interviews, brand history
  • Press management at trade fairs
  • Media monitoring of press coverage

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