Sparkling News

More than a news outlet

Every Monday, our team sits down and discusses the industry’s latest news and trends.

After a few sessions, we thought it would be a great idea not only to share these news with you, but also to get you involved in the conversation as well.

Sparkling News acts as the news outlet of our agency. But instead of just reporting the latest headlines; we decided to go a bit further and get a discussion going about industry insights, new brands’ launches, trends, projects and inspirations amongst different luxury sectors: jewelry, watchmaking, leather goods, fashion, hotels, gastronomy, and others.

Our content creation department teams up with our own internal crew and also invites top journalists, decision-makers, opinion leaders and influencers worldwide to deliver interesting, compelling and sometimes downright controversial content.

Through podcasts, videos, articles, interviews, op-eds, editorials and many more; our in-house squad and our featured guests writers personally choose themes and topics they wish to discuss and get the conversation going.

We, then, get you involved and continue the conversation through our social media.

Interested in being featured? The drop us a line below.

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