Welcome to our Podcast Channel “Luxury Talks!”

This podcast channel is one of our agency’s latest venture,
and part of our “Sparkling Lifestyle” project.

For the longest time, we’ve wanted to include a section on our website entirely dedicated to showcasing brands, retailers, media, artists, celebrities that we love and follow.

We also wanted to pick the brain of top journalists and opinion leaders regarding major trends, shifts and insights within the luxury industry.

During these sessions, we’ll discuss different themes, whether it’s about luxury, sustainability, industry insights, new trends, personal inspirations, new projects coming up, among others.

We hope you enjoy them as much as enjoyed taping them!

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They will be either in English or Portuguese, and of course for those in Portuguese we’ll always include a brief English transcript of the session on our website
so our English-speaking listeners can enjoy them.

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We are always looking for new brands and creative content to promote so, if you want to have a chilled chat with us and you’re interested in being featured on our podcasts, drop us a line!