Introducing our podcast Channel

Our first podcast session

In this session, our founder, Marina Coelho briefly introduces the podcast channel

Podcast Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to our podcast channel : “Luxury Talks” by Sparkling PR.

My name is Marina Coelho and I’ll be your host.

I’m the founder of Sparkling PR. We’re an “Out of the Box” communications agency based in Lisbon Portugal, aiming to promote luxury, sustainable and lifestyle brands through sales-driven communication strategies.

We work to connect our clients to the original concept of luxury where “less is more”, where the notion of luxury is linked to a sustainable consciousness, to an outstanding personal service, to the closeness of personal relations and an unmeasurable experience. 

This podcast is one of our agency’s latest projects and it’s actually very dear to me. And for these past few months, we‘ve been compiling several sessions with Portuguese as well as international brands, decision-makers, journalists, artists and celebrities.

Where we discuss different themes, whether it’s about luxury, sustainability, industry insights, new trends, personal inspirations, new projects coming up.

We want these podcasts to be a platform where, through a very informal conversation,
our guests can tell their story.

These podcasts will be either in English or in Portuguese, and of course for those in Portuguese
we’ll always include a brief transcript of the session on our website
so our English-speaking listeners can enjoy them.

I hope you’ll really enjoy these talks as much as we enjoyed taping them!

Check back soon for our first session featuring RUEFFA, a very talented Portuguese neo pop art artist. 

I got to see her exhibition here in Lisbon and I fell in love with her and her work right away. Besides being a kick-ass artist, she is a complete sweetheart, so we had a lot of fun taping this session, it was a very chilled talk about her life and her work!

So I really hope you enjoy it! Send me your feedback through our website, I’d love to know what you think.

And if you’re in Lisbon, don’t forget to check out her work at Paróquia de São Mamede, she’s there until September 16th.

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