Meeting Rueffa

An extraordinary Portuguese artist
passionate about Neo Pop Art

Our “Luxury Talks!” host, Marina Coelho sat down wit Rueffa
to talk about her inspirations, her work and latest projects

Podcast Summary

I met Rueffa through a mutual friend at the opening of her latest exhibition “Welcome”,
where she combines her artistic passion for neo pop art with her love of music.

“Welcome” is an ode to her musical influences ranging from Maria Callas, Ray Charles but also Mozart
and Portuguese singer António Variações.

Oddly enough, Rueffa started her professional career in the banking industry but soon realized her path lied elsewhere. And with a bit of inspiration from her family, she decided
to embrace a new artistic endeavor.

Working with the conjugation of contemporary materials such as polystyrene, polyester resins, fiberglass and other industrial support materials, Rueffa is able to create striking pieces;
full of emotion, wittiness and candor.

Her beginnings were tough as it usually is in this milieu, but her resolve was stronger than never. Through her own perseverance and perfectionism, she collaborated with art galleries in New York, London, while also reviving pop art icons of the past such as Roy Lichenstein.

Rueffa is now working on her next project of gargantuan proportion, based on a Portuguese icon as a public art piece, which will be widely available to the general public. This project is very dear to her because of those reasons, reaching a wider audience and making art accessible to all is a very important concept to Rueffa; that’s also why she chose the Parish of São Mamede in Lisbon
to host her “Welcome” exhibition.

She will also preparing another exhibition in Porto,
mixing some of her older pieces and her newest artwork.

Her “Welcome” exhibition will be at the Paróquia de São Mamede until September 16th 2019
Largo de São Mamede, Lisboa
Monday-Sunday 11.30am -11.30pm

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