4 Steps into Public Relations

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How active have you been with your PR activities during the pandemic?¬†Whether you’ve taken on the role yourself, reduced the team or suspended the activities altogether, then these 4 steps into Public Relations are for you.


Public Relations is considering one of the pillars of a marketing strategy. The original goal of Public Relations was to build and maintain a positive public image for a company or organization. With the arrival of internet and social media however, this definition has evolved from a one-way speech to a two-way conversation between brand and audience; where terms like “engaging”, “community” and “relationship building” have become crucial components to every PR plan.

To help you get started, I’m happy to share with you these 4 steps into our world that will make your PR life easier.



A PR greatest tool is his or her network of connections. The little black book of any PR will have contacts working within brands or media, he or she will be in touch with influencers, opinion-leaders, industry experts or collectors. This precious list will be your lifeline when taking your first steps into the PR world. So start reaching out to your community, create relationships and foster them thoughtfully.


Connect with your audience (whoever it might be, press, influencers, maybe brands, or all of them) by offering relevant content that will reach them not only professionally but emotionally as well. Never underestimate the power of an emotional connection. Tell your brand story or present a new product launch using all the tools at your disposal: videos, text and images. If you’re creative get busy, if you’re not, reach out to someone who is to do it for you. My little secret. Canva. I use it constantly, this app has saved me time and money and allows me to be as creative as I want.


Consistency is key here. Put your OCD to good use and plan ahead. Draft out your calendar with all your content management and activities. This will help you have a global view of what to publish or do, when and how. Continuously engage your audience with the right material and you’ll see your network grow organically.


Don’t limit yourself to online activities, such as social media posting or website blogging. But get out there and organize meetings, events, luncheons, press presentations etc. In today’s world, the pandemic forced some restrictions on this type of activity, but according to what level of lockdown you find yourself in, there are always ways to create highly engaging online and offline activities which still promote a safe environment, such as private meetings, small lunches, coffee invitations, as well as zoom calls, live sessions, and others. These last two provide a more personal approach to the otherwise very distant online exercises.

Using PR as part of your marketing strategy will elevate your brand, increase its visibility and promote its credibility. By growing your network, creating relevant content, engaging with your audience and broadening your online and offline activities, your PR plan can start being an active asset of your sales strategy.

Should you need a little more assistance with your PR activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.