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A Talk with Chronoswiss

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The Couch sessions are Sparkling PR’s version of the instagram lives; and a way for our followers to meet brands from the luxury industry and discover their universe and products.

For this session, we invited Chronoswiss. A modern mechanical watch brand working on the symbiosis of horological know-how, nonconformist designs, modern materials and classical artisanal mastery.


Chronoswiss was founded in 1983, is an independent creator of modern mechanical watches; mixing the newest technologies and classic artisanal handcrafting; and tapping into skeletonising, guilloché and enamelling to create timeless, yet distinctively contemporary horology with nonconformist designs. 

For this session, I was joined by Massimiliano Grotto (Head of Sales) and Maik Panziera (Head of Design). We discussed the brand’s proactivity facing the 2020 crisis; and had a little show and tell with some of their newest models; and they also gave us a sneak peek of what’s to come this year!

In September 2020, Chronoswiss released the extreme and contemporary SkelTec. Featuring a unique Chronoswiss manufacture movement. A 166-part movement with a power reserve of 48 hours combining Opus’s mechanical spirit with space age technologies.

Chronoswiss also unveiled the world’s first serially produced regulator tourbillon. To celebrate its 20th anniversary; Maik Panziera has designed the Open Gear Tourbillon; a modern mechanical timekeeper with a unique regulator set-up, electric blue case and a hypnotising handmade guilloché. 

Thank you again lads, for a very interesting conversation. Next time we’ll do a get together here in Portugal! And I can’t wait to see the new watches up-close!

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