NOL Jewellers – Uphondo Press Release

The latest Press Kit
from our client NOL JEWELLERS

Uphondo is an unusual organic material that lends its name
to the latest collection of NOL JEWELLERS, a jewelry line inspired by the numerous travels
by the brand’s founders through the most improbable, exotic and stunning places.

For Nuno and Luísa, the journeys they undertake nurture their creativity. And nothing better than the exoticism of Africa, the earth tones and orange highlights that its landscapes offer, to support the creation of a collection with African soul and spirit.

The Uphondo collection refers indeed to the immensity of the African savannah, where fauna and flora mesh together, resulting in delicate jewelry featuring unusual materials and design.

The two creators bring jewelry to life through the use of organic materials, large stones, diamonds, emeralds, among other precious gems. True works of art are born from the intense creativity that blossom in nature.

Uphondo, moonstone, perinite are some of the unusual materials that give life to the jewelry in the Uphondo collection and through their uniqueness, result in exquisite pieces with absolutely original details.

About NOL Jewellers
NOL, Nuno and Luísa united by gold. Founded more than 20 years ago, NOL Jewellers is the result of its founders’ desire to create a jewelry brand that would trigger a combination of emotions. Guided by the technical quality – that combines new technologies with the ancestral artisan mastery – exclusivity and originality of materials and design, NOL Jewellers emerges from the complementarity between Nuno and Luísa.

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