NOL Jewellers – Heritage Press Release

Ode to the Portuguese jewelry legacy

The Heritage collection translates the dna of NOL Jewellers and the mastery of its founders
– Nuno and Luísa – who have created the brand over 20 years ago

NOL Jewellers presents its latest collection: Heritage. An elegant and sophisticated jewelry line, where white and yellow gold combine with white diamonds bringing simplicity and timelessness back.

Respecting and praising the tradition and craftsmanship of the art of jewelry creation, the new collection reinvents concepts, returns to the past and peeks at the future to bring into the present perfectly adjusted pieces adapting to the reality of the modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

A jewelery line whose name refers not only to the heritage of the Portuguese jewelry savoir-faire, but also to Portugal as a whole. An example of this ode to national art and culture are the jewels themselves, whose design is inspired by the pattern of Portuguese tiles.

With earrings, rings, bracelets and sautoirs in white or yellow gold adorned with white diamonds, the Heritage collection promises to win elegant and cosmopolitan women.

NOL Jewellers
NOL, Nuno and Luísa united by gold. Founded more than 20 years ago, NOL Jewellers is the result of its founders’ desire to create a jewelry brand that would trigger a combination of emotions. Guided by the technical quality – that combines new technologies with the ancestral artisan mastery – exclusivity and originality of materials and design, NOL Jewellers emerges from the complementarity between Nuno and Luísa.

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