Emma Bogren Atelier



Following the brand’s briefing, we designed a moodboard capturing the “street” vibe of Emma’s collection, but at the same time including some distinctive Portuguese accents, such as the typical blue tiles, to make it unique and recognizable.

This photoshoot was set in Alcântara, Lisbon.

Emma Bogren Atelier is a sustainable fashion brand based in Barcelona, and a Redress Award semi-finalist. It’s founder, Emma, is from Sweden and fell in love with the Spanish sun while she was attending the Fashion Design at Instituto Europeo di Design. After working for many corporate brands including the Inditex Group, she decided to create a brand that answered the sustainable requirements she was craving. For her first collection, Emma used scraps and reusable materials to create a “street” yet feminine jacket line.

For this session, we collaborated yet again with our talented partners and amazing glam squad from Fashion Studio Agency.

The crew:
# Artistic direction: Marina Coelho from Sparkling PR
# Photography: Marisa Fernandes & Cláudia Almeida
# Model: Karyna Saltanovska from Fashion Studio
# Make-up: Constança Lima
# Video: Fashion Studio

For this shoot, we also collaborated with the Portuguese jewelry brand, Carlton Jewellery.

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