Carlton Jewellery – Bridal Press Release

Introducing the latest Press Release from our client
Carlton Jewellery highlighting its beautiful Bridal Collection

Wedding bands by Carlton Jewellery were featured on “Married at First Sight Portugal”,
this prompted the perfect opportunity to launch the bridal press release to the Portuguese press

The collection showcases unique creations inspired by one of the most romantic personal adventures in a woman’s life: her wedding day. Different designs combine to create new and unique pieces, staying truthful to the highest quality materials, namely white 18k white gold and white diamonds certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), who governs the essential characteristics that define a diamond of superior quality.

For centuries, jewelers have based their work on tradition, culture, heritage and history and essentially building a legacy for future generations.

Carlton Jewellery wants to enrich that same legacy not by following it, but by revolutionizing it with new ideals; a new future for a new generation of jewelry.

Carlton Jewelery is inspired by a new attitude; creating collections that reflect each woman’s strength and personality, whether urban irreverence or timeless elegance.

About Carlton Jewellery
Carlton Jewelery creates jewelery for a new generation of women who are changing their role in this ever-evolving world. A new generation breaking down barriers every day; a woman who wants to be unique, to cultivate new ideas, but above all, who wants to be true to herself. The Carlton Jewelery collections inspire women to be themselves, to build their own dreams and to follow them.

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