Our role as strategic communication experts is to work with your brand to increase its chances of success. Simply engaging in social media activity or mainly focusing on printed media is not enough anymore, specially at the international level. Designing, planning and choosing the right tools are major decisions that will determine the success of your campaign.


Your brand is young, your product is interesting and in demand; then it’s time to develop your brand image, solidifying its values and its mission, all the while reinforcing your positioning and conquer that spot on the marketplace. Our experts will collaborate with you and work on designing a strategy best suited for your objectives and goals.

If your brand is mature and your product is ready for the next step. Let’s talk about international communication, target multiple countries simultaneously or focus on one country at a time. Let’s discuss what pace is most adequate for your objectives.


An important step in defining a strategic communication plan is to forecast and anticipate the months ahead. Whether it involves social media planning, press pushes, product launches, every aspect needs to be planned in order for it to become a success. In today’s fast-paced world, brands often skip this step expecting faster results. Sometimes, if you’re lucky this pays off. Most of the time, the results are unrecoverable and generate more damage than good, forcing the brand to spend more time and resources to fix the mistakes. This said, a well-forecasted campaign doesn’t mean static and unyielding to occasional changes, it should organically adapt to the present and move alongside your current global objectives.


Choosing the appropriate communication tools for your brand and how you will use them is an essential part of building a successful campaign. After the conception and planning steps, it is time to act using our different tools. Do you want to develop your social media, increase your media visibility or connect with your consumer through events? We will suggest the best ways to achieve these goals.

A successful brand engages in a global campaign to work with all aspects of the modern communication spectrum. We understand the challenge of budget restrictions; we will work with you in prioritizing your objectives and actions to apply them where it counts. At Sparkling PR, we will develop your brand to make it a success and keep it that way in the long-term.