Emma Bogren Atelier

EMMA BOGREN ATELIER # STORYTELLING# DIGITAL PR# VIDEO# PHOTO Following the brand’s briefing, we designed a moodboard capturing the “street” vibe of Emma’s collection, but at the same time including some distinctive Portuguese accents, such as the typical blue tiles, to make it unique and recognizable. This photoshoot was set in Alcântara, Lisbon. Emma Bogren

Heritage Collection – Photoshoot

NOL Jewellers – Creation of Visual Material # STORYTELLING# DIGITAL PR# BRANDING# CREATION OF VISUAL MATERIAL The Heritage collection was inspired by the immense Portuguese jewelry legacy, as well as the history of its founders, Luísa Bernardes and Nuno Pestana, who after several years developed the mastery on detailed work, craftsmanship, always guided by the

Uphondo Collection – Photoshoot

NOL Jewellers – Photography # STORYTELLING# DIGITAL PR# BRANDING# PHOTOGRAPHY This was our first project for NOL Jewellers, and we were asked to organize a photoshoot around the Uphondo Collection, which holds all the elements of the brand’s dna. In order to illustrate the new organic collection Uphondo by NOL Jewellers, we organized a photoshoot

Leaf Collection – Photoshoot

Carlton Jewellery – Content Production # STORYTELLING# DIGITAL PR# BRANDING# CONTENT PRODUCTION For this content production, we chose the incredible Sintra Marmòris Palace where nature and gold came together to celebrate the feminine charm. As always, we called on our fantastic collaborators to help us make our vision come true. Namely, the photographic talents of

Lisbon Collection – Photoshoot

Carlton Jewellery – Photo Session # STORYTELLING# DIGITAL PR# BRANDING# PHOTO SESSION For this photo session, Sparkling PR recreated a Summer dreaming mood. The Pestana Cidadela Hotel in Cascais, with its diverse landscapes, served as the perfect backdrop to illustrate the sweet nostalgia of Summer. We teamed up, once again, with our talented collaborators to