PRESS RELATIONS | Minase Watches

We’re delighted to announce that the Japanese watch brand, Minase Watches has chosen Sparkling PR to manage their international press relations efforts. ABOUT MINASE WATCHES Minase is a luxury Japanese watch brand founded in 1985 by watchmaking tool-maker Kyowa. Known for its handcrafted timepieces, the brand combines technological excellence and the spirit of Japan’s manufacturing

PRESS EVENTS | Maurice de Mauriac


A press event organized by Sparkling PR. Our team was in charge of inviting press, promoting and negotiating media coverage for the Rallymaster II, a collaboration between Maurice de Mauriac and Racquet Magazine. ABOUT THE BRAND – MAURICE DE MAURIAC Founded by Daniel Dreifuss in 1997. The brand is famous for its exclusive series of

PRESS RELATIONS | Maurice de Mauriac

One encounters Maurice de Mauriac always and everywhere as a personable, human and warm family business. That’s why, when our friend Miguel Seabra introduced Sparkling PR to the brand we were so excited to take on this PR mandate. ABOUT THE BRAND – MAURICE DE MAURIAC Maurice de Mauriac was founded by Daniel Dreifuss in 1997.

PRESS RELATIONS | Time to Watches


We’re delighted to announce that Rossiello Communications, the strategic communications consulting agency specializing in luxury, has chosen Sparkling PR to manage Time to Watches’ international media relations. ABOUT TIME TO WATCHES Time to Watches has evolved into a rich, diversified, and casual event offering a creative, and cool space for independent brands where creativity reigns.

PRESS DAY | S.T. Dupont

Sparkling PR organized a press day for S.T. Dupont. The objective was to celebrate the opening of the brand’s newest boutique in Lisbon. S.T. DUPONT The Maison knows how to adapt to the times through a myriad of creative concepts. This distinctive artistic craftsmanship of S.T. Dupont has been continually enriched with the most refined