We are a communications consulting agency founded by Marina Coelho,
a Luxury PR Manager with a vast international experience in the luxury industry.

Aiming to promote luxury, sustainable and lifestyle brands (jewelry, watches, fashion, accessories,
decoration, tourism, sports among others), using a personal and human approach in a digital world.

Pushing the boundaries of creative content, storytelling and strategic planning.
Through sales-driven communication strategies, entirely tailored for each of our clients. 

We wish to connect our clients to the modern concept of luxury where “less is more”, where the notion of luxury is intrinsically linked to a sustainable consciousness, an outstanding personal service, to the closeness of
personal relations and ultimately to an unmeasurable experience. 

As a consulting agency, we collaborate with Portuguese and international brands to help them enter the global market.

We help international brands promote and develop their presence in the Portuguese market.

We create content for Portuguese and international brands.

Thanks to our global experience, contacts & partnerships worldwide, and our very own know-how regarding the demanding codes of luxury, SPARKLING PR is able to offer a complete service and vision for a successful communications strategy
at a very competitive price, while preserving the irreproachable quality of each campaign.

The brands we collaborate with trust our decade-long experience in the luxury industry,
our innovative ideas and winning strategies.

Sparkling Diaries

  • “Even miracles take a little time, so be patient,

    it will pay off in the end!”

    Building a brand
  • “It’s the key ingredient to introduce your brand to the world.

    Tell your story in the most authentic way possible”

    Content Creation
  • “Never alienate one or the other,

    a balanced combination of both will lead to success

    in the long run”

    Press or Influencers